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Introduction of five performance characteristics of hydraulic round finder

时间:2020-12-22来源:Shandong Xinwanda Machinery Co. LTD作者:Shandong Xinwanda Machinery Co. LTD点击:

Hydraulic rounder is a common woodworking machine. According to the relevant people from the manufacturer of the machine, the main performance characteristics of this machine are as follows:

1、 Compared with band saw, it has the advantages of high efficiency, high precision, convenient operation and low technical requirements for operators, which makes up for the shortcomings of low precision, low efficiency and high operation technology of band saw.

2、 The manual lubrication pump is selected to supply oil for the advance and retreat guide rail of the spindle box and the feeding guide rail, which extends the service life of the guide rail. Moreover, the cooling device of the saw blade can not burn the saw blade easily and prolong the service life of the saw blade.

3、 It is used for longitudinal sawing of small-diameter logs. According to the preset size, multiple plates can be sawn in and out at one time. It is widely used in the sawing process of small-diameter logs in Blockboard and finger joint board factories.

4、 Double row sharp tooth chain feeding, simple and economical maintenance.

5、 The discharge end has an active material distribution guide device, which is difficult to clamp the saw blade, and improves the smoothness of feeding.